Your First Accident

You’re on your way to work, bleary-eyed, sipping your coffee and slowly transforming into a human being. Then the car in front of you decided to stop at the yellow light you’ve already decided to power through. You slam on the brakes, but you’re still going ten miles per hour when you reach their stretch of pavement.

The first time you’re in an accident, especially alone, you’re most likely confused and shaken. All the things you know to do are jumbled in your brain, and that can result in doing none of them. So what are the key steps to take and what circumstances are they dependent upon?

If someone is injured, immediately call the police. If not, the first step is to try to get all vehicles involved out of the street. Proceed on the shoulder or in a nearby parking lot, not somewhere where you will be walking around, exposed to cars zipping by.

Then, check the damage on both cars and exchange insurance information. Though sometimes it seems unnecessary to call the police if no one is hurt, a police report makes sure you have legally covered your bases in case the other driver decides to sue. If the other driver refuses to exchange insurance information, call the police for assistance. Throughout the entire exchange, do not admit guilt or apologize. Let the insurance companies apportion the fault.

Sometimes, though, you’re not just in a fender bender, and an auto accident can cause great personal injury. At that point, consider contacting a lawyer, who can help you in a way an insurance adjuster can’t. The lawyer will work for you, whereas the adjuster simply works to make his company lose as little money as possible.

The experienced Everett auto accident attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today!