Motorcycle Accidents: Are They Treated Differently?

When most people think of motorcycles, they immediately think of risk. There is nothing separating the driver from the road and other vehicles, and they’re smaller and harder to see. Because of these factors, sometimes collisions or accidents can be seen as inevitable. However, the truth is, motorcyclists are less likely to be at fault for their accidents than other drivers.

One potential struggle that motorcyclists face after accidents is that many do not have insurance on their motorcycles. This is because Washington state does not require it.

Because of the potential insurance headache and the prejudice motorcyclists often face, it is important to start building a case as early as possible. Potential witnesses are often biased against the “dangerous” motorcyclists for no reason other than their belief that motorcycles are unsafe. Recording as many details of the crash as possible is vital to having the proof you need to establish responsibility for the crash.

Owning and operating a motorcycle allows for a level of freedom that a car does not, but it comes with risks. It is wise to make sure your motorcycle is properly maintained and safety equipment is used. A helmet is required by law in our state as is a special motorcycle endorsement for your driver’s license. Always wear your helmet and take care to avoid riding when weather conditions are hazardous. If you have been a victim of another driver’s carelessness, finding competent legal help as soon as possible after the crash is very important. An experienced attorney can deal with insurance companies, collect the necessary evidence, and help you navigate other legal hurdles that stand between you and justice. Call David Duce today for a consultation.