Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers

Parents purchasing vehicles for their teenage drivers must focus on safety because the accident rate for teenage drivers is three times higher than for all other drivers. The last ten years has seen car models fitted with more and more safety features to bring down the number of car accidents. It is now easier to find a used vehicle with the required safety features and a decent crash test performance without breaking the bank.

Crucial safety features include; electronic stability control (ESC) that enables car drivers to keep up vehicle control on slippery roads and curves. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has stability control among its recommendations for safe vehicles. As of 2012 all cars have ESC. Other recommended safety features include at least 6 airbags, a “good” safety rating, and smaller engines that provide less horsepower. Forward collision avoidance and warnings are also being added to some new models.

The following are some examples of safe vehicles for teen drivers:

2008 or later Honda Accord is one of the most highly rated mid-size sedans in the U.S. It has a spacious interior, with comfortable seats with enough space for tall people, this vehicle is handy if your teen participates in sports i.e. basketball.

2009 and newer Toyota Corolla are highly rated in safety, economy and reliability. In 2009 ABS came standard along with side airbags and head protection. The car is small enough for easier maneuverability and parking.

2007 or later Volvo S60, this is a comfortable vehicle fitted with many safety features like ABS, standard side and head airbags and ESC since 2007.

2009 and newer Subaru Forester, this vehicle has enough room for sports gear and has been noted for its safety and practicality.
2009 and newer Chevrolet Malibu performed will against other smaller vehicles in safety features and crash tests.

As an Everett Washington car accident lawyer who values the safety of young drivers, I advise parents to avoid purchasing the high performance vehicles for their teenage drivers. Be sure that your child is driving one of the safer cars out there and is trained to avoid distraction while behind the wheel.

In the unfortunate event that you or your child are injured in a car accident, seek the advice of an experienced Everett personal injury attorney. At Duce Bastian Peterson, we have the experience to help you with the legal aspects of a collision while you or your child focuses on getting better. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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