Driving in the Rain: Even Washington Drivers Aren’t Invincible

Washingtonians talking to out of state friends may be surprised by their hesitance to drive in the rain. After all, it is a matter of necessity here. If Washington drivers didn’t drive in the rain, they would miss a lot of work. Because of weather conditions, Washington roads are generally designed to handle rain better than a lot of other states’ roadways, but rain still does cause hazardous conditions. Furthermore, because driving in the rain is habitual, local drivers are often less likely to be as careful as an out of state driver might be in similar conditions.

There are other factors that lead to inclement weather collisions. Rain contributes to nearly three-quarters of all inclement weather accidents. In part, its dangers include reduced visibility, reduced traction, increased braking distances, and reduced maneuverability. The clogged roads can add to a slower response time by police and medical professionals responding to folks in distress.

Reducing the number of collisions caused by rainy weather is difficult because the most surefire method (waiting until the rain stops) is not very realistic. That means it is up to drivers to remember to drive like they were taught in their drivers ed classes. When driving in the rain we must be more careful. We have to be patient. Change lanes slowly. Maintain a longer distance from the car in front of us. Check blind spots often and maintain our cars, particularly windshield wipers and tires.

If you have been a victim of a careless driver in bad weather, do not let the insurance company convince you it was the weather’s fault. Remember that not all drivers out there were getting into accidents. David will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Call 425-259-4151 today.