Common Types of Injuries at Construction Sites

Due to the machinery, working at heights, and debris, construction sites have more inherent dangers than almost all other types of working conditions. Construction workers have an important job to do and have a right to rely on their employer, other contractors, and the general contractor to follow the rules about maintaining a safe place to work. Just like any other workplace, an employee should not expect to be injured while on the job. In fact, those overseeing construction sites should consider safety as the number one priority. Unfortunately, sometimes a contractor is tempted to make something other than worker safety as their top priority. Here are some common types of injuries workers may receive if their employers aren’t providing satisfactory safeguards.

  1. Equipment. Equipment like cranes, trucks, or hydraulic machines should be maintained and properly operated, but sometimes they aren’t.
    2. Falls. Many construction workers are supported by ladders or scaffolding or the like. If these things are installed improperly or guardrails aren’t up to standard, dangerous falls can occur.
    3. Loose equipment. Small tools can cause just as much danger as large ones. A falling hammer can be deadly from a high enough height.
    4. Flammable material. Exposed wires, chemicals, and electrical materials are an inevitable part of construction. However, they should all be treated with extreme caution.

If you’ve been involved in a construction site injury resulting from a failure of the general contractor to enforce safety rules or by the negligence of anyone other than your own employer or a fellow employee, legal help can put you on the smoothest path to recovering damages. Not only that, but we can help ensure that safety is returned to its proper priority and prevent others from suffering your same fate. The Everett personal injury attorneys at Duce Bastian Peterson are available today for a consultation.