Re-creating Car Accidents: Expert Witnesses

If you were injured in a car crash, you need to look into protecting yourself and hold those accountable who may have caused the injury. With the help of an Everett personal injury attorney, you can dive deeper into the auto accident. An Everett Washington car accident lawyer like those at Duce Bastian Peterson is able to reconstruct the accident from physical evidence, witness statements, and even using specially trained experts. This way the case can be ready for trial if necessary.

Inspect the Scene and Evidence Inspection

If fault is at issue, the attorney is going to examine photos for clues, inspect the scene of the wreck, look at the physical damage to the vehicles, and interview witnesses. This is where data recovery begins. The attorney and specialists may need to check road conditions, measure skid marks, look for debris, and take a careful critical look through every bit of information available.

During the inspection they will take photographs. Photos will also be taken of the vehicles involved in the accident. These photographs are extremely important as time passes since they can often help point to how fast someone was driving, which directions the vehicles were traveling at impact, whether one vehicle was breaking or not, and many other factors.

Look for Eyewitnesses

Now, eyewitnesses are not always completely reliable but they certainly help and many times are the key to resolving disputes between the drivers.   Their potential biases, their vantage points, and the reasons for their taking note of what happened are all important factors.

The combination of these various types of evidence make it possible for a lawyer and his or her experts to recreate a crash. All of this information is important so the crash can be played out for the trial.

If you have been involved in a car accident and received injuries, compensation may be due. Contact an experienced Everett car accident attorney today to discuss your case. Call Duce Bastian Peterson to schedule a free initial consultation.