Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Regulations of Commercial Motor Vehicles.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the primary government agency that regulates the commercial vehicles conducting interstate transport. The classes of trucks they regulate include all types of commercial vehicles from buses to semi tractor-trailer rigs. Federal regulations do not necessarily apply to a commercial vehicle that operate within the boundaries of a particular state, such as Washington, but the standards set by a state is normally consistent with federal regulations. Both government levels (state and federal) have distinct regulations in place that govern how transportation companies should maintain and operate vehicles, and highway accidents that are caused when these regulations are ignored can be very serious. When involved in one of these accidents the victim will always need an experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer like an attorney of Duce Bastian Peterson.

Federal regulations covering big-rig operators and transportation companies are numerous and many of them involve keeping commercial vehicles in safe operating conditions, frequent and detailed inspections of the truck’s safety systems and driver requirements that, when followed, are intended to prevent driver distraction and fatigue. Detailed logs and reports are also required to ensure a system of follow-up verification and supervision is in place. In addition to records about the condition of the truck and it’s cargo, all drivers are required to maintain operational logs with respect to the number of hours on the road and how many days they have driven within a particular month. Complying with these regulations is essential to safe operations, but they take time for the company and driver to complete, and, in the transportation business, time equals money. Unfortunately, many shipping companies skirt these responsibilities when they will impact profits; this can lead to dangerous and even deadly results.

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