The 5 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The 5 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, sometimes those we rely on to take care of our loved ones can end up causing harm. Often, it falls to family to be alert to signs that their loved ones are at risk, even when they live in a care facility. Here are five warning signs of nursing home abuse:     

1. Physical Changes in Your Loved One

If your loved one is sleeping more, has unexplained physical injuries or has become more irritable than usual, it might be cause for concern.

2. A Negative Change in Mobility

A nursing facility should make sure residents get plenty of exercise, as they are able. If you notice that your loved one can’t walk or get around as well as he or she used to, this could be a red flag.

3. Isolation

A person living in a care facility should have access to family and friends. The facility should never tell you that you can’t visit. They should never place conditions on visits by family members. A resident should have social interaction with other residents on a regular basis. If you notice these things don’t happen at your loved one’s care facility, Duce Bastian Peterson, has a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney that can help you discuss your loved one’s options.

4. Financial Secrecy

The nursing home should work with you and your loved one in a clear, transparent manner. You should know what the care facility charges and why. If the facility tries to keep secrets or refuses to produce records, it might be a sign of financial abuse.

5. Bullying or Humiliation

In a care facility, your loved one should age gracefully. If you hear, or if your loved one reports name-calling, teasing or blame, your loved could likely be a victim of nursing home abuse.

If you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse, contact Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Duce Bastian Peterson. We offer consultations to discuss your concerns and explore your right to compensation.

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