Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

Medical providers are responsible for giving adequate care to pregnant mothers and unborn children. This responsibility extends throughout the pregnancy and during labor delivery.  When a child is born with a birth injury, the family can be faced with complicated, expensive and prolonged care for that child. Many parents do not know the cause of their child’s condition and oftentimes, it goes undetected for months and years. Sometimes the injury was not the result of a birth defect but could not have been prevented with proper medical attention.

Preventable birth trauma includes:

  • anesthesia-related complications
  • failure to treat conditions in the mother during pregnancy
  • failure to order specific tests during pregnancy and/or not interpreting these test results correctly once performed
  • failure to deliver via cesarean section if there is a problem during the birth
  • inadequate monitoring of the baby during labor
  • overuse of vacuum extraction
  • administration of too much labor-inducing medication
  • the failure to respond to the changing condition and position of the unborn baby during labor
  • too much lateral traction applied to the fetal neck region during delivery
  • trauma to the baby’s head during labor and delivery

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